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  • HEVI-Hammer – let’s say you’re frustrated by performance of your steel shotshell, particularly with wounding birds, and you’re willing to pay a few dollars more for something better
  • You are our HEVI-Hammer hunter
  • 15% of the shotshell charge is high density bismuth pellets layered over steel pellets
  • The bismuth pellets are the same size as the underlying steel pellets
  • Meticulously layering the bismuth over the steel, while technically challenging, provides the tightest patterns and the most effective shot string length
  • A thicker base wad, which surprisingly enough, turns out to be a key factor in reliable functioning of semi-automatic shotguns
  • Higher speeds, 1500 fps for all 12-ga loads, which we have achieved for a decade with custom, clean-burning propellants
  • A new, higher brisance primer that improves cold weather performance by boosting the ignition force so that the propellant reaches pressure more reliably
  • Steel pellets are treated with dry film lubricants for superior resistance to corrosion
  • Bismuth pellets cast in HEVI-Shot’s own foundry alongside our tungsten alloys
  • More lethality at longer range than you can get with steel alone
  • Fewer wounded birds
  • We do not accept returns on ammunition
  • All ammunition must be shipped ground FedEx
  • Photo may not depict currently available caliber and quantity – refer to item table for item details
  • Weight: Approximately: 2.78 pounds
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